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When you were a baby I sat very still to hold you. I could see the veins through your skin like a map to inside you. I stopped breathing so you wouldn't ... You were just a boy on a bed in a room, like a kaleidoscope is a tube full of bits of broken glass. But the way I saw you was pieces refracting the light, shifting into an infinite universe of flowers and rainbows and insects and planets, magical dividing cells, pictures no one else knew ... Your whole life you can be told something is wrong and so you believe it.

Francesca Lia Block is an amazing writer, and I found the subject of this book, incest, to be something original and not often thought about. Though, I think the book's ending really weakened the whole story. It was probably thrown in there to give a Dramatic Irony but it feels unnecessary.

I give this book a 9.
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