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youth in revolt

"This American cult 'Adrian Mole' is an altogether rougher, sexier, and funnier tale. . . A rollercoaster ride through the nemesis of adolescent angst." --London Mail

"Youth in Revolt is an unstintingly hilarious black comedy, almost certainly the funniest book you'll read this year. . . Nick is irresistible, for his first encounters with adult phenomena always seem to bring out an appropriately warped response or an almost-brilliant insight. . . Nick's voice is unique and indelible, Payne's language rich and inventive. C.D. Payne has set a high standard for himself. . . has all the hallmarks of a classic." --Los Angeles Times

"A sussed, silly and energetic account which literally bulges with Nick Twisp's hormonal excitations. . . Faster and funnier than 14 ever felt before." --The Punter [UK]

"Nick is a fun guy and his exploits make good copy . . . Youth in Revolt captures the imagination. . . In the course of 499 pages, Nick falls in and out of favor with his divorced parents; he looks
for love in all the wrong places; he invents; he schemes. He even burns down half of Berkeley. But throughout, this novel or three novels is extremely readable. For while Nick searches for
the joys of sex, he finds a great deal more a general joie de vivre and compassion that prove addictive." --L.A. Reader

"A hilarious six month journey through the thorny underbrush of sexual desire, frustration, and (occasionally painful) discovery. . . Payne does not offer up his characters to the altar of hackneyed change or growth. He gives us instead a wonderfully original refugee from parental cynicism and the 'gulag of the public schools' whose scorn, bad attitude, and unflagging horniness persist in a way that is engagingly real. . . There is a refreshing frankness and celebration in the writing that elevates it above the mere silliness of much of today's comic fiction." --New Haven Advocate

"Youth in Revolt . . . [is] a hefty coming-of-age novel which actually lives up to the publisher's comparisons to A Confederacy of Dunces and Portnoy's Complaint, and in many ways surpasses them. . . Nick deals with his problems by creating new problems so vast, so insane, that the reader practically has to gasp for breath every tenth page. . . One of the funniest novels I've ever read." --Hypno Magazine

"One of those rare works of incredible comic precision, like A Confederacy of Dunces. . . Payne's ability to constantly introduce new characters and new plots while interweaving the old ones is like watching an aerialist interrupt his highwire act to take out a lawn chair, then do a headstand on it and start juggling with his feet. And then just as you're wondering how he can get out of that predicament, he sets fire to the juggling balls. It's hard to say which are more satisfying: the twists you can tell are coming or the ones that take you by surprise." --Berkeley

"It's a high honor and distinct privilege, then, to introduce C.D. Payne's totally unsentimental and extremely funny first novel, Youth in Revolt: The Journals of Nick Twisp. It's the antidote to Salinger's tale of the teenage saint Holden Caulfield."
--The Oregonian

"A genuinely funny book, one that will have many readers laughing out loud. . . Nick is an inspired chronicler of his inner life and philosophy . . . Payne captures the trials of adolescence in these perilous times, dealing with far more than just the pangs of hormonal upheavals." --Sonoma County Independent

"Every page in Youth in Revolt is consistently hilarious." --Small Press

"Fans of Salinger will especially appreciate the candid voice and vivid memories of this story." --Midwest Book Review

i would give this book a 10. Melanie lent it to me and while ago and it is really good.

i love you melanie, like woah.
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